Want to know where the golf courses are that meet with your demographics? By Country, State, Zip Code, Area Code and price to play? What about getting a 2 for 1 at your favorite golf course? What about enjoying a spa and massage with your membership? How about an invitation to the Playboy mansion for a non-profit event?  
"Make The Circle Good That Surrounds You Grow Bigger Every Day!"
The World's
Golf, Sports and Entertainment Club!!!


The InVicta Club provides the Best Privileges at the Best Clubs. 
Members Receive Complimentary Rounds of Golf, Plus Preferred Pricing and Premium Privileges at more than 1,000 Premier Golf, Business, Spa, Athletic, and Yacht Clubs.

Other benefits include Merchandise, Event Ticketing, Fitness and Vacation Specials along with invitations to VIP Entertainment Events such as the InVicta Charity Gala at the Playboy Mansion, Wine Tasting events, Masters and Ryder Cup Trips, Special Sporting Events, Golf Tournaments, Kentucky Derby, Black-tie Yacht Parties and much more. Premier resort Real Estate, vacation ownership and other opportunities are also available to higher-level InVicta Club members.

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Initiation fees range from $100 to $25,000 plus monthly dues depending upon your desired level of service, access, and privilege. (Please see Membership Categories for details).

* InVicta - $100 (+$9.95 Monthly)

Senate - $500 (+$19.95 Monthly)
Governor - $5,000 (+$100 Monthly)
Chairman - $25,000 (+$295 Monthly)
* All memberships are in U.S. Dollars unless specifically stated otherwise